Why You Should Consider Healthcare Insurance

The NHS is there for life’s accidents and emergencies 24-7 and you are usually seen within a few hours at most.

But what about those serious illnesses? Can you afford to wait to see a doctor to get a referral then wait to see a consultant and then wait for treatment?

That is why we have teamed up with  AXA Health to offer you Personal Health – private healthcare cover for people like you.

With Personal Health cover you are seen and treated quickly when you are ill. You see a consultant, rather than a junior doctor or registrar. You are treated in a private hospital, or the private wing of an NHS hospital. And you have your treatment in comfort – usually your own room, an en-suite bathroom, and  flexible visiting hours.

And that is not all. The basic plan covers in patient and out patient treatment; comprehensive cancer cover and valuable extra support too.

You can tailor cover to your own needs. Add cover for treatments by physiotherapists, acupuncturists, homeopaths, osteopaths and chiropractors. Extend your cover to include mental health treatment. Include the Dentist and Optician Cashback  benefit and if you travel abroad you can opt for the European or Worldwide Travel Cover

Private healthcare cover is a way of getting the benefits of private healthcare without the worry of how you are going to pay for it. You pay regular subscriptions, then AXA Health  pay for your treatment, as long as it’s covered under your plan.

 Personal Health is all about giving you peace of mind, so you can adjust the  cost of your subscriptions so you are never paying more than you can afford. When  you are arranging your cover your AXA Health representative will discuss not only the cost of the core cover and any additional benefits you need but also to make sure cover remains affordable.

And if you have healthcare cover already? Switching is easy. If you’d like to switch to the benefits of a Personal Health plan with AXA Health, just let us know. We’ll do everything we can to make your cover seamless.

Why wait?

Contact us now on (01253) 628988 or e-mail us at reception@jimkellyinsurancegroup.co.uk

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