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Why You Should Consider Healthcare Insurance

Physician consulting his patient at clinic

The NHS is there for life’s accidents and emergencies 24-7 and you are usually seen within a few hours at most. But what about those serious illnesses? Can you afford to wait to see a doctor to get a referral then wait to see a consultant and then wait for treatment? That is why we…

Cyber Insurance


Why Does My Business Need It? According to a government report from March this year 31% of UK businesses experience cyber attacks or cyber security breaches at least once a week. Not only is are attacks and breaches becoming more frequent – they are becoming more costly too. When a small business suffers a cyber…

What is Underinsurance?


For the first time in a generation we are witnessing high levels of inflation, which as well as the effect on the cost of living also potentially has a direct impact on the adequacy of property insurance cover. The shortages of materials and labour means it is taking longer to repair or rebuild properties or…